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Indigenous Organisations

Our Approach

KPP works with a number of Aboriginal Corporations and community organisations in the development and implementation of strategic plans, community development plans, business plans and enterprise development models.

A key priority for many groups is the need to develop sound and culturally appropriate corporate governance systems. KPP has designed unique training modules and mechanisms to improve the functionality of Boards and the management of indigenous organisations.

Building organisational capacity to work more efficiently and effectively is also required by many groups. KPP assists organisations to design the most appropriate corporate structure and to equip themselves with the right mix of skills, experience and resources. Sufficient funding for community service organisations is always a challenge, and KPP has assisted many organisations access funding from Government and non-government sources.

KPP has been heavily involved in assisting West Kimberley CDEP providers in the development and implementation of their community development plans.

Platform for Success

Indigenous Business

On the understanding that new enterprise development in regional and remote areas of the country is more than just about money and employment, KPP has developed basic criteria or parameters that are considered the platform for business success. These are:

   1. Leadership

   2. Cultural considerations

   3. Strong governance, policy development and procedures

   4. Client capacity and aspirations

As a company that specialises in business development, KPP has established its own corporate values against which its performance is monitored. These values represent the manner in which our services are delivered and focus on honesty, integrity, transparency and most of all achieving results. Put simply, KPP will not set up a new enterprise to fail; Nor will it assist Indigenous Australians in self-employment opportunities, work with them to become established in a new enterprise, and then walk away.

KPP have an office located in Broome, Western Australia, and a large amount of the work undertaken with Indigenous Australians has been completed ‘on country' or with the participants in remote communities.

Saltwater Pandanus

Carson River Track


Working in over 80 Communities in the Kimberley & Pilbara


Some of the indigenous organisations KPP has worked with to develop strategic, community development and economic development plans include:

    Yaruwu Aboriginal Corporation 2007 - Present

    Jabbir Jabbir Nations Aboriginal Corporation 2007

    Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation 2007-2014

    Kullarri Regional CDEP Inc 2007, 2009-present

    Kalumburu Aboriginal Corporation 2008 - present

    Jiamiddie Aboriginal Corporation 2008-present

    Looma Community Incorporated 2008 - present

    Kullarri Patrol 2008 - Present

    Yungngora Association Inc 2009-2012

    Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation 2010

    Ardyaloon Incorporated 2010 - 2013

    Bidyadanga Aboriginal Corporation 2010-present

    Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation 2012- present

    Goonyiandi Aboriginal Corporation - 2014 - present

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