KPP Business Development

From sole trader start-ups to Regional Development Projects

Who we are and what we do

Established in 2006, KPP is a private Australian company specialising in the development and delivery of business development services to small and large organisations across a range of industry sectors. Based in Broome,  with branches in Melbourne and Perth, KPP offers clients an extensive suite of business skills and support. Our Broome base means we have an unrivalled understanding of the Kimberley region, its people, its economy and its culture. This underpins our success in helping individuals and organisations maximise the potential of their opportunities and enterprise. Our recent expansion to cover statewide and national projects reflects the demand for the expertise and high standards we deliver to clients.

Broome Office

Melissa Hartmann

Melissa brings KPP professional experience in the fields of natural resource management and environmental management systems, human resource management, project management and strategy development. Melissa has particular expertise in developing and implementing practical systems and processes for effective business management.

Melbourne Office

Klari Kadar

Perth Office

Grant Smart

Natural Resource Management

Econometric & Business Modelling

Business & Tourism Specialist

Dr Jonelle Cleland is a Research Associate within the Environmental Economics Research Hub of the University of WA. Jonelle works with KPP in the development and analysis of larger research programmes to ensure that methodology and structure meet contemporary research practices.

Dr Kathy Henschke is the Program Coordinator of the Master of e-Business program at RMIT University.  Kathy ‘s focus is on the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business and information technology with an emphasis on  workplace participation development programmes.

Specialist Services

Klari is an econometrician with significant business expertise acknowledged with appointments to various State and Federal Policy and Steering Committees over the past two decades. Klari brings specialised expertise in business modelling, business auditing and process mapping to KPP’s clients.

Grant’s  experience covers a range of industry sectors including banking, aviation, tourism.  His focus is based on business and strategic planning, business process mapping, organisational reform, business recovery processes, strategic and tactical marketing, public relations and communications.

It’s all about the integrity of the work and long term relationships. We’re committed to long term, sustainable enterprises, so we won’t just produce the plans but work with our clients through implementation.

“We go where the business takes us”

KPP offers its clients an extensive suite of business skills and support. Depending on the needs of the client, a range of planning and development methods are employed. Services that form the core business of KPP include operational audits; feasibility studies; business plans; strategic plans; transition/change management strategies; joint venture partnerships; finance and grant applications; econometrics and financial modelling and forecasting; business mentoring.